12 huge EastEnders spoilers for next week (November 28 to December 1)


Next week in EastEnders, Sonia makes a call after Janine tells another shocking lie, while Nish grows suspicious of Suki and Alfie is given renewed hope over a reunion with Kat.

Here’s a full collection of the 12 biggest moments coming up:

1. Janine tells another shock lie

With Linda worried about the consequences of missing her probation appointment, Sharon begs Mick to step in and explain to Murray where she was.

Janine is upset to learn Mick has once again been with Linda and drops some upsetting news on him.

Mick relays this to Sonia, who immediately realises Janine is lying. Furious, Sonia goes to tell Mick the truth but Janine manages to stop her. However, Shirley overhears their conversation and is suspicious.

Janine later assures Sonia she’ll tell Mick eventually, unaware he is listening…

2. Rocky and Freddie make a worrying discovery

With Rocky still worried about Harvey’s relationship with ‘Sophia’, Bobby does some digging into Sophia and discovers Harvey has sent her money.

Freddie has a plan to help and manages to get hold of Harvey’s phone, screenshotting as much information as he can.

Freddie and Bobby later tell Mitch and Rocky their plan, and Freddie soon makes an interesting discovery.

3. Kat learns the truth about Alfie

Alfie panics when Kat returns from her holiday and needs to access Phil’s safe. Backed into a corner, Alfie is forced to admit that he lost £30,000 of Phil’s money and she piles the pressure on to get it back.

Determined, Alfie gets his hands on some old electric items to sell but his plan backfires once again.

Kat is also annoyed to learn Alfie has been living at No.55 in her absence, but after some convincing from the boys, she lets him stay.

4. Nish grows suspicious of Suki

Eve manages to secure a lunch date with Nish and Suki, leaving Stacey to question her motives.

Suki is less than happy about this, but Eve tells her that she’s going nowhere.

Eve offers an impressed Nish some legal advice over lunch, but when Suki is called away, Nish wonders why Suki is so tense around Eve.

As Nish continues to pick up on Suki’s strange behaviour, he later tells her he’s booked for them to go away on a business trip.

Suki is quick to decline the offer, raising Nish’s suspicions even more.

5. Sonia takes action over Janine

Janine panics when Mick questions what she’s keeping from him.

Shirley sees straight through Janine and calls her for her lies, but it’s Sonia who decides to take the most assertive action when she makes a mystery call.

6. New romance for Linda?

Linda thanks Mick for his support with her probation officer and they share a touching moment.

Later, Sharon reveals the date who stood Linda up was actually a miscommunication and he’d like to see her after all. Mick rallies Linda on as she prepares for her date with Karl, and confides in him about a concern.

At Walford East, the date appears to be going well until Karl questions Linda over who Mick is.

7. Janine’s fears intensify

Janine’s paranoia about Mick and Linda festers throughout the week. When Sonia catches her spying on them, she assures Janine that it’s all in her mind.

Things take a further turn when Mick and Janine turn up at Walford East during Linda’s date, leaving Janine suspicious that Mick knew Linda was there.

She rants about this to Sonia, who continues to promise Janine that Mick loves her and his relationship with Linda is history.

8. Harvey learns the truth

Rocky wonders if they should tell Harvey what they’ve discovered, and when Dotty barges in and learns what’s happened, he realises they have to.

As Harvey sends more money to Sophia, Rocky, Mitch, Bobby and Freddie tell him everything. How will he react?

9. Alfie is given new hope

With Phil’s money still on his mind, Alfie tells Tommy he can’t help with a school fundraiser. Seeing how upset his son is, Alfie quickly changes his mind, and after overhearing a conversation with Karen and Mack, he gets an idea.

As Alfie shares the exciting news with Kat, he promises her that this is genuine and has nothing to do with Phil’s money.

Kat is impressed when Alfie rallies volunteers for his fundraising idea, giving him a glimmer of hope for their future.

10. Janine receives a devastating blow

As everyone prepares for the Christmas lights party at The Vic, Janine remains determined to cement herself into Mick’s life.

That’s until she receives a devastating blow, but what is it?

11. Sonia gets heartbreaking news

Sonia’s phone dies during the Christmas lights party, and she misses an important call.

Later Sonia receives a devastating phone call – Dot has died.

12. Jack has a breakthrough with Amy

Jack reaches out to Amy after everything that has happened recently.

When his mission fails, Denise steps in and Amy comes round to Jack.

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